More 1 Star Reviews of where they screwed their clients...  sona takes the money and runs...

Byron Ashbridge (Sona CEO) is a Piggie

Byron Ashbridge (Sona CEO) is a Piggie


  • Maritza F.
  • Pasadena, TX

Hi everyone.. I started laser hair treatments in april of 2015. We are now in september 2016. These people are here to just take your money. I paid $700 cash for 7 treatments. They said i would not need more then 5. I have now had 11 treatments and i still have hair under my arms. I am very fair skin. After the 7th treatment i had to pay $70. That is what the "sona promise" is. Its just the locked in price in case the treatment does not work. They promise on the radio for a hair free body forever. Ladies please do not fall for it. It is not true. Find a place in houston that specializes in laser hair removal. They only carry one type of laser. Everyone has different skin types. November 15 2016.... update .. i have never met this person nor has anyone ever contacted me. Even if they did i would not respond. I have a burn scar on my underarm. I would never ever put myself under their care ever again

  • Karen W.
  • Wilson, NC

Don't believe ANYTHING this company verbally tells you in an evaluation- the paperwork will state "results are not guaranteed" and it is my personal experience that they will NOT work with you!!!! I was told I was the perfect candidate for cool sculpting. I questioned that the paperwork said results not guaranteed and was told that they just had to say that- that if for some reason it didn't work - they would work with me. Then coerced into buying multiple treatment areas for better results and better price because I was going to be so happy I was going to want the other areas done. Needless to say $5000+ later it didn't work, they wouldn't return my calls and MONTHS later I finally reached their legal team to only be told what the written contract said was binding. I was out of luck!!!! Do not go there do not believe them!!!!!

  • Darlene B.
  • Houston, TX



They will only steal your money

I applied my first credit card for this company and paid about $3000 for hair removal all for a disappointing job. I was not happy with the results for there was little to no change after 5 sessions. I called them to let them know about my experience and they did nothing.

  • John E.
  • Houston, TX

I spent a lot of money on laser hair removal and it didn't work, even after the two extra "Sona Promise" treatments.  If their service actually worked as advertised, they wouldn't need to charge for "touch ups" going forward.  I'm not paying for "touch ups" because I have no confidence that they would work.  I suspect they use inferior equipment.  You should try somewhere else for laser hair removal.

  • Taylor W.
  • Houston, TX

Horrible customer service. Jessica on the phone was amazing! After paying my deposit on the phone of over $550 I walked in for my first treatment. Only to immediately be told that it would cost more than the agreed upon price. So maybe Jessica wasn't that good. How do you miss communicate what area the customer wants treatment on??? Then it was like the lady there was excited or took some sort of sick enjoyment in telling me this information. "No that's not covered in the agreed on price." I wasn't done yet though. As the easiest customer ever I was more than happy to pay more to get the service I wanted if someone had just ask me I would've said, "ok."The topic was avoided and I was rushed to the next with that issue still not even discussed. A nurse walks in to tell me again that she's sorry that one thing I wanted wasn't covered and I wasn't going to get it. Here I am willing to pay more money and they were more excited to tell me that I couldn't get it with out even asking me if I wanted to pay for it and both had some sick enjoyment air about them as if they enjoyed telling me No. Ok so it's already bad enough but then she says due to time constraints she's going to have to reschedule me for another day after I schedule time out of my business to be there. They were ok with sending a NEW customer away empty handed. I said I planned to be here for this, let's at least do something. One nurse said ok we will do two things and another nurse takes me to a third room and tells me that she's only going to do one. That's when I had enough. I said, "I'm out of here! Happy Holidays but Ya'll customer service is horrible!!!!" Do not go to Sona. They will treat you as if you don't matter. Horrible experience. Terrible. Unprofessional. And garbage customer service. I would never recommend it.

  • C H.
  • Houston, TX

DO NOT GO TO SONA FOR BOTOX!  I have been getting Botox for years and only had an occasional bruise here and there. The first trip in, the RN mamaged to hit a vein and cause a hugh hematoma on my eye. So i waited 2 weeks for my black eye to go away at which time she recommended i come back for a touch up. However, the Nurse Practioner and RN managed to inject a portion of my face that paralyzes my smile (did I mention only on 1 side) I am a registered nurse and should have know better when they attempted to "miss a vein" and inject down on my cheek. For the next 6 months it appears that I have had a stroke to one side of my face. I do not recommend this medspa and will be going somewhere else next time.  After several "mistakes" by multiple trained professionals I truly question the expertise of the staff in carrying out this procedure. STAY AWAY FROM SONA MEDSPA

  • Maggie L.
  • Crosby, TX

It is totally way overpriced!  I feel like an idiot though because they have a fast talker that continually tells you are getting two for the price of one or three for the price of two or was it one for the price of get the point!!  I was confused from the get go, but convinced I was somehow getting a great deal and gave them my credit card for $1500, thinking that it covered all or most of three great treatments.  WRONG!!  It didn't even cover one treatment and you were hooked in to taking the tx or losing your down payment.

  • B G.
  • Houston, TX

Not only did they keep messing up on my paper work, but then all of the hair returned from my 12 visits of hair laser removal. Yes, results aren't guaranteed, but I was told there would be a difference. I didn't come and spend thousands of dollars to now have thicker and stronger body hair! I contacted the Manager Ada regarding my results and not only was she rude, but she was extremely condesending and not interested in assisting me. Probably because they already got my money. Not only do I never want to return here again for their lack of customer service skills and common sense, but it was a complete waste of money and time.

  • Ruby H.
  • Houston, TX

When I received the contact information of sona from a friend I eagerly called and was treated very nicely over the phone. Giving my credit card number was a bit weird but I still did it anyway and I even went for the consultation the same day and received the first treatment of laser hair removal. The procedure hurt soooooo much and the technician suggested we would instead order the numbing cream and continue next appointment. The numbing cream did help out a bit but it still hurt a lot! I liked the results at first so I endured the pain for the next treatment.

I did not like that it is almost impossible to get the same technician. Getting my bikini area done is awkward enough I don't need all these random technicians every time. Ok so my experience was already going down south because every time it was time to schedule the next appointment they could never give me anything close to the dates or times I requested, yet they are very quick to bring new customers in all the time!!! I was even more disappointed when a technician burnt the skin by my belly button!!!! I had already told her I felt the machine temp was too high but she was in such a hurry she just wanted to finish. I hated the way I was treated. I don't think I deserved to get such a low quality service specially since I paid for the complete opposite! I am very disappointed and I will not be returning for the remainder of my treatments or recommending this place!!! If I could I would give it zero stars

  • S. P.
  • Cypress, TX

we bought a package deal of 3 peels and 3 dermabrasions to lighten spots,  and to be honest it is the last package.  They are very eager to sell packages, but to accommodate you, timing, scheduling aware...set all your appointments ahead of time.  and watch out if you are late 12 minutes, as we were due to traffic, they rescheduled us for 2 weeks later.  Although, in the past we sat and waited for them when our appt. was late.  The estheticians were good, I think they did their best...but the customary of their business ways is a bit  questionable.  I felt like they were presenting their services more than what it is.  Personally, we probably will never return to Sona spa, as they were not helpful with couple issues we had and left a real bad taste in our minds.  AND definitely NO package deals...because once they lock you in, I am not sure how much they value you as a customer....

  • Victor Hugo G.
  • Houston, TX

Do not waste your time and money here if you have Melasma.
The lady that took my "order" did just that; took my order, didn't even touch my face or did any type of evaluation, just sold me the packages. After my facial laser treatment was done, with no results, I spoke with some other lady in charge at the time, she just bothered to sell me more bleaching creams.
Spend your money with a dermatologist. 
Just look at  my pics and you will see why I'm very unhappy with this company.
They burned the crap out of me and while getting the laser hair removal they burned my tattoos as well. Had two hair removal treatments left but stopped going, I'm just very dissapointed with Sona MedSpa.

  • Briana T.
  • Houston, TX

Not too happy. Like other reviewers, I started with Sona because they advertised EVERYWHERE several years ago. I paid so much money and got so little results. I am going elsewhere for laser hair removal now and definitely saw results after the first initial treatment! Stay away from high prices!

  • Kelly N.
  • Houston, TX

Scarred for LIFE!!!

I paid over $1300 to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on my buttocks at Sona Medspa. This is the worst decision I have ever made. The treatments consists of two chemical peels, two microdermabrasion and three pixel laser. 

The technician advised me that the pixel laser process was not painful. It will feel like a sunburn and it should be better in a couple of days. During my first treatment it felt like someone was burning my skin with a torch!! After the treatment it smelled like burning flesh!!!

The process was extremely painful. I had to sleep on my stomach for days. When the swelling and burning was gone, I had dark spots on the treatment area. It literally looked worst than before the treatment. I was really concerned because I was going to Europe, and I was going to be wearing my bathing suits. I called Sona Medspa and they said after a couple of treatments it will get better. Well, I've completed all of my treatments and it has not got any better. Each treatment was excruciating. It's been a month since my last treatment and the stretch marks looks even worst than before. The nurse at Sona Medspa had prescribed skin bleaching cream to help with the dark pigmentation, but it will take years till it get better.

Please do not waste your time and money. I did plenty of research before I went in for the treatments, but I didn't see any comments or reviews about pixel laser treatment for stretch marks. I also assumed that Sona Medspa was a reputable company. I was dead wrong. I have before and after pictures. I will be more than willingly to show it to you if you think I am lying or over exaggerating. If I could post the pictures I will. Please don't make the same mistake as I did.

  • Anne B.
  • League City, TX

Don't go to Sona for Laser Hair Removal...
I spent $5K with Sona Medspa when they were advertising their services as "permanent" hair removal. After many months of treatments (which are quite uncomfortable), I still have to shave every day. Such a disappointment! After my experience with them, I cannot trust that any of their other services would be any more effective.

  • Aimee M.
  • Houston, TX

I feel like the Sona Med Spa facility/franchise located at Three Riverway Suite 200 Houston, TX 77056 is damaging the reputation of the company name.  On March 1, 2010 I had an appointment for 4:35 pm, central time.  I arrived at the facility at 4:45 and was told that I could not be seen and had to reschedule my appointment.  I told them that I have to leave work early to make my appointment and that was not possible with all the appointments that I have already existing for this location.  They told me that if I am late, they have the right to reschedule.
 I believe in a schedule and I understand that it is booked to capacity and that they do not want to shortchange a procedure but I have also waited on my appointments for over 30 minutes in the past.  It is one thing to keep to a schedule but you cannot expect a person going through Houston traffic on a rainy day to reschedule for every unforeseen circumstance.  It is one thing if I was always seen exactly at my appointment times, but that does not happen.

When I did speak to the manager on the phone, Jennifer Kitchen, she was unresponsive to any of my complaints.  She did apologize for the poor customer service but was unable to give me any action that would be taken.  She just kept saying, so what else.  I felt that my complaint was being listened to but not actually being heard.  In essence I felt incredibly disrespected in every aspect of the phone call.  I asked about their late policy and was advised that there really wasn't one.  If I knew that this was the policy, I would have called to reschedule immediately once I realized the traffic conditions.  
 I also viewed the nurse that was scheduled to do my AFT call someone back thirty minutes after I got there.  If I had to have 45 minutes for this procedure, why was someone else going back within 30 minutes of the appointment time?
 I told the supervisor that I would stay late to accommodate the nurses and she retorted rudely with "You are not going to be seen today".  I was never instructed that I could speak to a manager to get the problem resolved, which I would hope is not part of your best practices.
 I must say that the receptionist at the facility was the only person that I felt had a sincere apology for the incident.  I am not sure of her name but Bravo!

Unrelated note:  pretty much nothing has worked in terms of laser hair removal!

If you have similar problems with this location, contact Ginny Ashbridge at 980-233-3200 Monday and Friday and Tuesday through Thursday, she is at the Valentine facility at 704.544.8776

  • Lynnsey W.
  • Houston, TX

My experience at Sona MedSpa was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! I am usually a happy customer and easy to please but everyone at the Houston Galleria location made this such a horrible experience and no one was willing to help me unless I paid thousands more. I wasted $5,000 that I worked so hard to make - all for NOTHING. They do not care about their clients or customer service - they just want to take your money. I would never refer anyone to Sona; they did not set realistic expectations for my results and have horrible business ethics. 
I signed up for laser hair removal for my face and bikini area after speaking with one of their consultants and I was very excited to be hair free; even if it cost me over $5,000! The consultant assured me that even if extra sessions were needed, all my hair would be removed (they were running a promotion at the time for free treatments if you needed more than originally scheduled for) This was NOT the case, I experienced less than 3% hair loss from the whole experience and it was miserable in between laser treatments. They told me I could only shave my treated areas (which caused later problems with my face) and that I could not have any exposure to the sun. I never had exposure to the sun but they later used that as a reason as to why my laser treatments were not working. 
I wonder if they EVER get repeat business...

  • Nancy I.
  • Houston, TX

This spa is a fairly nice place. Its a little tricky to find  if its your first visit. You wont find a building with a sign that says Sona Med Spa on it, because their inside a tall corporate building. They were happy to help me find the place when I called and asked for directions. They still accommodated me even though I was late regrading I couldn't find the place. I was thankful for that.

The waiting room is cozy and they offer refreshments like water and hot tea while you finish completing paperwork that will ask you about your precious experience and results. I was always honest when it came to answering those questions about my laser hair removal. "How would you rate your last experience?" "Would you recommend a friend?""how would you rate your results from your last session?" "How would you rate your results starting from your first session?"(there are 6 sessions for laser hair removal). 

i got the package when you buy one area you get two areas for free with 3 free touchups,but you have to pay for the most expensive one, of course. Which was over $1,000. They give you an option to make payments as well. I took the payment plan. Honestly, I saw results decrease by 45-60% by my 3rd visit and after that it just stayed the same. I still had hair growing even after I completed my last 6th session and my free touchups. During each visit they would ask about my results and I answered honestly. So they would crank up the laser a notch, but with little effectiveness afterwards.

My last visit has been 11 weeks since then. Most of the hair has grown back by now. I gave this spa a 2 regrading the effectiveness of their laser hair removal results. And I'm still paying my monthly payments for results I feel I haven't gotten completely.

I have gotten laser hair removal in the past with 100% results even after 3 years from another spa before i moved to Texas. So after these poor results I was highly disappointed

Summary: This place is horrible with their customer service and you will never get scheduled for appointments. 

This location just cared about making the sale. Once that was done, they frequently cancelled my appointments. There was one instance where they called me the same morning of my appointment, told me that it was cancelled, and said they could only fit me in if i made it there within the next 45 minutes. I got my happy butt out of a business meeting and headed all the way out to the Northwest side from work in the Hobby area, and about 20 minutes into my drive they call and tell me that they actually can't fit me in. At this point i reasoned that it's just scheduling, but after trying to schedule other appointments and telling them that i would need evenings or weekends from this point forward with my new job, they still couldn't find my any appointments within the next month. I called the Galleria location that same day and got an appointment right away. I will never purchase or get any appointments done at this location in the future. They do not communicate with the client, and all their efforts are focused on bringing you in to purchase treatments, but not actually scheduling correctly or making time to get those treatments. Save your money and go elsewhere!

I called sona after hearing ads on the radio and seeing them on fb.  I booked a consultation because I didn't want to purchase a service over the phone that I wasn't sure I NEEDED.  At my consultation I met with the office manager that gave me no information about the services but the pixel facial.  She told me the down time would be 2-3 days and then I could go back to work wearing make-up.  She said that she was 33 years old and would not get a pixel facial because she was too young and her skin tone, however she would recommend it to a customer who is the same age???  Anyways, thinking that I was getting some light treatment pixel package I purchased 3 treatments for 1300.00, met with the NP which took another hour(my appointment was at 12:30 and I met with the NP at 2:15).  The NP said that the pixel, the package that I had purchased would do nothing for me.  That is was for older skin, that I should get the skin treatment package that has retinol,etc and maybe do a package of 3 chemical peels.  So the NP takes me back to Maria and tells her what she suggests for my skin.  Maria then tries to sell me 3 packages of 3 peels.  I said no she said 3 total...well she cleared that up and said she would have to process a refund for my service package of pixels(they are real quick to take your money)  she wasn't sure how long it would take to get my money back, but continued to quote the package of chemical peels.  She told me it would be $413.00 and that I should receive around $700 back.  I said great purchased my skin care products for $200.00 separately then scheduled my chemical peel.  A few days go by and the new charge on my account is $569.00......ummm I am really confused because I did not recognize that amount.  I emailed Maria for information she tried to call me and we are playing phone tag, so I emailed her again to get information about the new transaction.  You know because it is common good business practice to charge some one an amount that wasn't discussed and not even call them to explain.  I caller her for the 4th time yesterday to be told she was on the other line.  You can't call corporate, she doesn't have a manager so I am basically stuck going to this place that I don't want to.  The whole experience felt wrong from the beginning, but I don't do medspa stuff often so I wasn't sure what to expect.  The customer ahead of me had a similar story.  I got to chat with her while we both waited to see the NP, who also suggested her not to get the pixel.  Again buying services over the phone is not recommended and meeting with an unlicensed professional about what is best for you is not recommended.  You are basically at the mercy of someone with your credit card information...all i can say SHADY SHADY Shady.......
I work in the service industry and have for 8 years, selling customers the types of products they offer is not a cookie cutter experience.  unprofessional recommendation for services.  
The front desk coordinators are very sweet and helpful, but the manager needs a few lessons on customer service and how to properly walk a new customer throughout skin service.  No one cares about how long sons has been in business as part of your pitch...

All these places are pretty crummy. I did the weight loss program and had 4 counselors. Maybe more I lost count. They also went through several nurses. Apparently going there as a customer is just as bad as working there. I gave up on the program and am on my own. Oh well!