All I heard was "Corporate took away the numbing cream." It was because the technicians were using it all up as their get free treatments when at work. So when you are on a cool sculpting machine and they are supposed to be watching you; they are on the other machine or doing a Pixel treatment or microderm treatment. Once they forgot me on the cool sculpting machine and I had to call the front desk on my cell phone. They will call to confirm your appointment but forget to tell you they are going to laser your face without telling you that you have to get the numbing cream in advance from their physician assistant and from their pharmacy. Ashley Wilson, P.A., denied that was her name after she physically bruised my sides after a cool sculpting procedure as retaliation for complaining about the numbing cream and then they all laughed at me to my face. They will cancel your appointments. They are mean! They will and have canceled my services enough though I paid in advance and Nicole Moreno, the District Manager, will just stop talking to you and ask you why you are there? I have complained to their Corporate Office and it took months to get money they tried to steal and I had to get an attorney. Go somewhere else. Ask for a real Physician Assistant who is certified to use a Zeltiz (TM) machine. They hurt me and when I complained, they retaliated.

Preston W.

Petersburg, VA

The LSH removal doesn't work. Big waste of money. Terrible customer service and they screw up appointments and number of you're supposed treatments. Don't go. If you chose Sona go to the one in Glen Allen. But still the LSH removal don't work.

Natalie R.

French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

Customer service with front office staff at this location is awful. Always make snide remarks & are sticklers for ridiculous rules, but have no idea why. For instance, one example, is apparently you can't have laser treatment if any sun exposure in past 2 weeks. I never had this explained to me prior & it was not a rule when I originally signed up years ago. So when I went in for my appointment, 13 days after my beach vacation, they refused to do it, because I had had sun exposure in past 2weeks. Even tho, just 1 more day & would've been ok, but they would not do. & all ANYONE in the ENTIRE place kept saying was "it's for your own safety."
Now, I work in the healthcare field, so I can understand science. It was so freakin frustrating to have multiple people- the technician, the manager, the front office staff, all quote the same party line...without knowing what the heck they were talking about. A simple explanation of the ACTUAL risks & I would've been fine... Then, on top of me asking repeatedly for an actual explanation, they made me sign some paper saying if I made them cancel an appointment again, I'd have to pay for it... This is on top of the hundreds I paid up front already... 
First time occurrence, lack of explanation, obvious miss on customer service department. & like I said- this is just one example of many.... 

Phyllis D.

Vista, CA

WARNING!!!!  AVOID THIS MIDLOTHIAN, VA, SONA MEDSPA. THESE PEOPLE PUSHED HARD TO CLOSE ME and I did not get results. I actually came home and cried after the first treatment from the pain. I called their corporate headquarters in North Carolina and asked for my money back -- I had paid for six treatments ($1,668.00). They agreed to pay me back for the five I had not taken (which was fair). But, these people are not nice people. DO NOT GO HERE! WARNING!!!!

Jayme J.

Fort Worth, TX

I was contacted by the corporate attorney, after leaving a bad review and they are trying to intimidate me!!!  Evidently, the "Sona Promise" means 'We'll do a poor job on your first seven sessions, so you'll have pay even MORE for the results you want...' I cannot be more disappointed in the way my treatments turned out. One year, and a LOT of money later, the results are EMBARRASSING! Sure, I can keep going...for another $150-$300 / session. This is utterly ridiculous. If you're selling a service, make good on it. Sona Promise. What a joke. If I could, I would rate them 0 stars. SHAMEFUL, CROOKED, and just plain WRONG. And I'm not letting this go easily. Friends -- do NOT go to Sona Medspa!

Alex A.

Coppell, TX

They have great staff but after that I can't say I'm impressed at all. I signed up for laser hair removal and did the package of 6 I believe and then ended up buying 2 or 3 more extra sessions and I think the hair is worse not better. So I wasted $1300 for nada.

DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT GO HERE!  I had a very expensive treatment in June of last year, with the promise that I would receive a follow-up call in 3 months.  No one called!  And when I called, there had been a big turnover in the office...the woman who did my treatment was no longer there, along with the office manager!  And my treatment showed NO RESULTS!  After speaking with the new office manager, and getting the runaround for another 2 months, I was just told they could do nothing to help me.  Apparently they are NOW changing what they explain to new clients...that you WILL need 2 treatments.  There are much better places out there than this one!

I wish I had read the earlier reviews.  Awful, awful!  I wasted a lot of money here...for nothing!!

HORRIBLE!! I paid $3,000 for laser hair REMOVAL, only to still have hair. When I talked to management about my issue, they claimed it was only for a REDUCTION. Not removal, which they advertise. I wouldn't waste my money if I were you. If I could go back in time, I wouldn't have done the "treatment". Now they want to me pay for extra sessions to become hairless. I refuse to give them any extra money when they didn't deliver what they advertised.   

Update: I started laser hair removal at Sedo Laser in Southlake. I've seen better results in two sessions at Sedo than I did with 7 at Sona. Pricing is about the same.

Sitting here as I write this review. I called to confirm the time and they told me it was 45 minutes earlier than it actually was. This place is the worst place for laser hair removal/customer service. They will charge you fees for being late but if you get there on time you will still wait 30+minutes. My last appointment they called me to reschedule randomly for 3 weeks later. At first I was seeing great results but after the 4 or 5th treatment it was like nothing has ever happened.

I had 7 laser hair removal treatments and paid a lot of money for them. I didn't realize until later that there are other good places which charge much less than they do here. In any case, at first the treatments worked really well. I was amazed. Around month 5 they stopped working. I did everything the same, they just didn't work anymore. My hair was growing back within 3 weeks. That's when one of the technicians made a comment about why I wasn't using the "higher powered" laser. I had no idea what she was talking about. Apparently there was a different laser that works much better, but no one ever offered or told me about it until my 5th treatment. I called one of the managers and asked her about this and she told me that it works different on different people, so it couldn't really be called "better." Well, I at least should have been told about it and given the option to use it. At the end of the day, my hair is still growing back, albeit at a slower rate than before the treatments.

I bought a "laser hair removal package" on sale of course. They said I had the perfect combo of skin and hair type and this should be a cinch. It seemed to be working at FIRST!  I did see a reduction in hair growth after a couple of treatments. I raved to my friends! How exciting! No more shaving. Just like the commercials for all these places!! However, they really zipped over me most times since it was a lengthy appointment, full legs and bikini and always people waiting in the lobby. They didn't turn it up much as we progressed because it was summer...even though I was not tanning, etc. I skipped one appt due to a vacation and WOW, did I notice a difference in regrowth. 

It's been a year now and 8 treatments were completed. A couple grand flushed down the toilet. My bikini area is as if it had never been touched. My legs are patchy in regrowth rate and the hair is just softer, but still needs to be shaved daily. Be cautious. 

Tips: You might want to spread the appointments out at the very least and see how well the treatments are doing if you are already into it. Also, make sure they are actually turning it up. Otherwise go elsewhere if you are still deciding.


Please DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! their prices are outrageous even with their "70% off or buy two get one free" deals. Their laser hair removal for under arm is about $1000 which is 3 times more expensive than anywhere else and yes it hurts bad. I tried their Accent treatment for cellulite reduction and that does not work so please do not rely on this treatment. The only way to get rid of cellulite is workout and diet its hard but its true. and Accent for a small area is about $5000. Not to mention i got these deals on "sale". The managers are going to pressure you in buying packages if you enter that office. even after you buy, during the treatment they try to sell you more packages. Please stay away from any sona medspa. You can find much better deals on Groupon or Livingsocial if you want to try out.

Hi there, finally my 1st yelp review, sadly.. its not a good one for this spa. 
I came here about two years ago for a hair-removal laser treatment, I had a really good conversation with one of the presentatives there, i think her name was Veronica.. i dont remember exactly by now... She gave me all good information and even close the warranty result that I should expect. 
So, I paid for a package with 6 treatments, and my result was "Nothing different" .. how sad cuz it costed me so much money and i took so much consideration on the money that I spent and also so much hopes in it. 
Anyways, I just hope the service gets better now since I never came back after the 6th treatment and I told them "Is there anything I can you or You can do for me cuz i dont think my hairs get any better" .. by now, I did not get the charming and welcoming attitude as when I first came in anymore, plus everytime U canceled your appointment in certain time you get charged $50.., its the policy.. but i think it could be nicer and jus not that flexible for some people that have busy schedule. Also, everytime you come for a treatment, you have to buy the cream yourself which cost about $45 for 1-2 times use. Im usually easy on rating places, however, after a very long time, i still feel unhappy on what i paid and what I got from Sona..

I was here near 2 yrs ago. I will not recommend this place for various reasons. As the other review said they are very nice when you are there for the 1st time but not that nice after you pay or bring some complaint to the person in charge. I wasn't happy with the results at the end of the treatment, in which they don't even bother to do a re-evaluation or anything. Every time you get there you feel is not about you or your treatment is about how fast they can be getting you out of there, I imagine they get trained to be that way but form the client perspective is not very comfortable. Probably they forget that the best advertisement is a happy customer. I feel I waste my money and didn't enjoy at all my visits when I went there. There are so many places that offer these services that I will encourage you to look for I place where they really care.

  • Raquel C.

I looked up sona because I didn't like the peach fuzz on my face. My hair was very fine but I'm Hispanic and it was black so bothered me. I made a phone call and without even going into a consultation they set me up on a payment plan for five treatment sessions. They also said that if by the 5th treatment if I was unhappy with the results they could do more at a discounted price. 1,330$ total but the woman reassured me in their guarantee of proven results I felt like this could work. 
The day before my first session a woman called me to go over what to expect and what I should do for my face to prep for the laser. This is where I should have known this was going to be no good. She told me to shave my face. I actually laughed and she said why are you laughing and I said well because I don't shave my face now and it will grow back thicker but no no no she assured me that it would not and that removing the peach fuzz on top will help the laser kill the root of the hair follicle. Lord have mercy, I should have listened to my gut that said this was going downhill. 
Over the course of 5 months and 5 treatments NOTHING happened except my peach fuzz then turned into thicker and more hair !!!!! And yes there were moments that I thought it was working because they asked me to shave the areas I wanted the laser to hit every time before I came but it was only working because I was shaving it !!!! It was also a different technician each time which I didn't like because how is she supposed to know what was done last time. Also some sessions were less than ten minutes others 20. There was no consistency !
After the fifth treatment I was done with their lies and bs. They left my face horrible and I mean it. I had wished I never even did it in the first place. 
I went to ACPS the added touch where a technician named Natalie fixed everything. She took care of even the dark spots Sona's laser caused to my right side of my face that I DID NOT have before. 
I know this is lengthy but people need to know Sona is a joke and all they want is your money there are literally NO results. If you want real laser I highly recommend ACPS.


Worst experience.

Don't get the laser hair removal here, or any service for that matter.
Only one qualified hair removal technician and she only works there once a month. 
My skin in the area has darkened significantly and the hair has grown back thicker and fuller with razor bumps (never had, but maybe 3 or 4 my entire life prior to the service they provided). 
The sales consultant convinced me to get two additional services because it was such a great deal. Now 3 grand later and only receiving 4 applications, I asked for a credit on my account to exchange the service for something that helped me instead of damaging my skin.

Apparently the Physician Assistant and all Management were removed from this location.

The new manager met with me after two requests, to consult about my issues, told me she would find some options.2 weeks later she finally calls me back to inform me that she cannot do anything for me, but forward my case to the corporate office (they just became corporate owned). 

I will come back add further details when they contact me, I was told someone from corporate will contact me within 5 days.....

This place scammed me, none of this worked and the people have no idea what they are doing. I paid them 4600.00 for no results, you are just throwing away your money.


Absolute worst med spa. Debra ( who is supposed to be in charge) lies to get your money and then never answers your calls or emails. ( unless you want to spend more money). Feel free to message me with any questions or particulars but to call anyone at this facility professional; is a far stretch. Fraud and deception all along the way.

I had botox and juvederm. The botox lasted a month and juvederm lasted 3 months. Their response is I needed more and would have to pay for more, I've had doing treatments for 10 years.


Unfortunately I allowed myself to be talked into doing Accent XL.  It's VERY expensive and I was told as long as I drank water and maintained a healthy lifestyle I'd get good results. I normally drink a lot of water so switching to a gallon a day was not hard. I'm a fitness trainer so being active is everyday for me. I had NO change. All I got was a big bill unfortunately.  I'm so disappointed and wish I had more reviews online prior to. Some reviews said 50/50 chance of change- don't do it. In addition I wasn't given my 'list of rules' (do's and don'ts) until my LAST procedure.



I first started out with 1 treatment package which was a great deal. I was pleased with the service. I don't have any issues with the estheticians because they are doing their job but the management team or finance team is not professional in the least. The reception girls are disorganized becasue it's always someone new or they have replaced the front desk staff. One time I called to check on my appointment date and I was given the wrong date. They had no record of me having any appointments that day. I dont think they know what they are doing. 

My appointment today was going fine and when I was checking out the reception girl said that I didn't show that I have one of the treatments that I got done. I was like what are you talking about? She went back to speak to someone and came back saying the lady in the back needed to talk to me. I was like okay so I went back there. I was advised that I dont show that I have paid for a certain service.I was like what do you mean? I have always purchases the specials and sometimes the upsells depending on the deal.  The lady (I wont say her name - Until the magement for this  company contacts me). 

This women is implied that I am lying which really pissed me off. I am paying a lot of my hard working money to this company but this women said she was trying to help me out? I still don't understand why I was called back into the office to meet with her. I purchased a buy 1 get 2 free treatment package which they have no record of. I was baffaled that they don't they dont have a record of this. I told her was not my problem becasue they sold me something and they should be the ones to keep up with their records. That is something they didnt document in their office. As a customer who hasnt recieved any free services from this company I was and I still am really frustrated that I couldn't get this women to believe me that I was sold a certain package and it is being implied that I don't have that package. I told her I am not paying more for any services. I didn't know SONAMED SPA gave out free treatments to being with!! I wasn't advised of this by any of the two technician's I have dealt with or any of front office staff. 

I felt like this woman was treating me like a child being called into the principals office. Like I did something wrong. She pretty much said yes we provide services that we don't charge some clients for and they bill them later or to try out. Well I was not adviced of any free services. I speciafically purchased a promotion that was advertised on the SONAMED SPA website. This is false advertisement! 

She was telling me to leave and to call back to make an appointment because she didn't like my attitude or whatever and didn't do anything to reassure me that as a client I was not lying and I wasn't going to be kicked out becasue you can't help resolve a problem or mistake that your organization made. I will admit that I did get sarcastic and the tone of my voice rose but I was not yelling at this woman. I just didn't appreciated the fact that I was made out to be the liar. 

She came out with saying she wasn't going to have me talk like that to her office staff. I fine as dandy with the nurse and reception desk agent. But this woman is totally unprofessional. Unfortunately I know I wont be able to get my money back and I would not come back to this company again but I still have a few more treatments to go. 

When I asked how many treatments are left, I was shot with you should know how many treatments you have left and that's what we discussed. I'm not we didn't dicuss much of anything other than establishing that I am not paying enough and taking their services for granted or cheating the company out of services rendered to me. I mean really! We are talking thousands of dollars here that I am paying not a mere $20 bucks worth of service. 

I don't know what type of establishment would go back on their word when they sell someone products that cost so much money. Unfortunately it's my word against what this woman is saying. I told her that someone didn't write down what was told to me becasue I'm not making this up. I don't know why I would to being with. I'm not a scammer. 

Highly upset with the office managment or finance handler's of this location. I hope that other's are not being misled by them.

I went into Sona for a "no obligation" consultation. Ha! The woman who saw me (I'll omit her name because I'm kind) didn't even ask if I wanted to move forward, didn't ask how I felt about it, but rather wrote out the pricing for me ($900/treatment for 12 treatments!) and immediately demanded my CareCredit information. When I told her I didn't have it on me, and wasn't sure if I wanted to proceed, she ignored my concerns and searched for me in the CareCredit system to charge me for the services. At this point I had to firmly tell her I wanted to sleep on the decision and to please stop entering charges on my account, to which she replied (and yes, I'm serious), "KATIE, come ON already! I wish you'd just do this!". I got up to leave, and thanked her for her time, and bolted. Too much pressure and not enough information, no thank you.

I was supposed to have my 5th treatment on January 27th but it was canceled due to the ice storm.  Fine, not a problem.  It was rescheduled for February 6th.  

This was my Friday off and I normally do not even get out of my pajamas on my Fridays off.  I drove up to Sona Med Spa.  I arrived about 1240 for my 1pm appointment.  They didn't call me back until 1:10.

When the technician started to read my file on the way back to the treatment room, she asked if we were doing my entire legs.  Um, yes, and underarms.  Well, I'm sorry... I don't have enough time to do your entire legs... you can come back another time.

Apparently when they moved my appointment from the Ice Day to the Friday Off they neglected to actually schedule the same amount of time as the original appointment.  I've only had 4 treatments, 5 appointments, and in those 5 appointments... they have mis-scheduled me twice.

I signed up for these treatments during a discount promotion.  I paid for 1/2 legs and got full.  I have moved since I signed up, but I need to get in my file cabinet and find the documents because the girl who sold the package to me mentioned guarantee.. and now they are trying to tell me that I have to pay for more treatments if by chance all the hair is not gone after this 5th treatment... if it ever happens.

Now, I have to wait until March to have my last treatment.  And I hope I have enough of the numbing cream left since I wasted an entire dosage's worth for the appointment that didn't happen.  And I hope they know I'm NOT paying for another tube of numbing cream if I don't have enough to get me thru my last treatment.

  • Karina C.
  • Anna, TX

Don't waste your money here.. staff is friendly but there prices are higher than everywhere else, and after spending $5,000 there and not having any kind of results... they could care less. At first they acted like they were going to work with me and we could retreat the areas.... but after 7 phone calls.. the end result was they aren't going to do anything about my wasted money.., and that they don't guarantee any kind of results.. and their corporate office made the final decision that they weren't going to do anything about how unsatisfied I was...once this place gets your money! They can care less about you ! Take your money somewhere else ... you can get the same services for a third of the cost elsewhere


  • Consumer T.
  • Frisco, TX

I would caution ANYONE looking to obtain services here to do their homework first. The sales tactics and outright lies they tell regarding financing is despicable. They will tell you that you are "required" to put down a percentage when receiving financing through HFD, and that the percentage is decided by the finance company however that is an outright lie! I contacted the finance company directly 3 separate times to ensure I got a consistent answer and each time I was told there is NO DOWN PAYMENT required by them!!! The Sona sales rep assured me that HFD was incorrect yet later conceded that Sona MedSpa can decide what they require down, yet she could not explain how they arrive at the random dollar amount that is being requested. I was being asked to pay more than $1500 down payment....with no explanation as the finance company approved the entire balance of services to be paid in full. I was also concerned that there was really no before and after photos of the Cool Sculpting except staff photos....They would not perform my procedure without the down payment. I politely took my $1500 and went elsewhere. Sales tactics are always questionable when you lie. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  • Darlene E.
  • The Colony, TX

I have nothing good to say about this place. All they want is your money and you will not get any results. They don't stand behind the product and when it doesn't work they will not refund. Don't waist your time.


  • Irum J.
  • Dallas, TX


Short Review: RUN - don't even attempt to get any type of work, procedure or process here. The consultants are not trained to provide any feedback or guidance. They are a bunch of salesman looking to take your $$. Stick with a MedSpa that is reputable  - your body and wallet will thank you. 

Long Review: Was shopping around for alternatives to getting beach body ready and after all the online advertising and specials I came in for a consultation.  The staff assured me that I would need  a single process to get the results needed because of timing. I paid for everything upfront, and then waited 2-3 weeks for an opening. Once I got there, they informed me there was no bathroom on premise, I had to walk out of their office in my robe (I should have used this as a sign and walked right out!). 
Anyhow I get the procedures done, and then wait...and wait....and wait weeks. WEEKS upon WEEKS - NO RESULTS. I then start to become very suspicious that there are ZERO results. Seven grand ($7,000 later with NO RESULTS!). So at my follow-up consultation the team then becomes annoyed by my valid points and says they can do the procedure at "Cost" and the results are not guaranteed. So I ask the consultant whether it is even a smart move to pay cost price for again ZERO results. Again, they become annoyed and very apparent they can't give me anymore answers. I'm a pretty calm person and it's not about the $$, it's about getting results. Why don't I see any, not even an attempt to show me a before and after picture to point "progress". Literally no results. The consultant then tells me to call corporate, and see what they can do, because she doesn't have any ideas and this is beyond her escalation. At this point I know I've been duped' out of 7K. The responsiveness to get me through the door, now turns into a cold shoulder and weird relationship because I'm left hanging. 

Overall, believe the reviews you see online - don't dismiss it as a one bad review, or an irate customer expecting dramatic results (we're all realists here). Most people that get MedSpa treatment don't want to admit they did anything, but when the service is outrageous, expensive, no results, and then no customer service or attempt to make things right - it's not worth doing business with folks like this. 

This MedSpa is lined up with a bunch of classically trained crooks, once you complete a procedure they are unresponsive, they don't follow through (let's be honest they don't even know how to take proper before and after pictures). 

I have given Sona over 3 months to correct the issue, patiently waited, and now I've cut my losses. Please don't even waste your time getting any procedure done at this location. Don't let the address or fake endorsements fool you. This is a makeshift shop. Please do your research, and go to a MedSpa that your trusted friends have been going to for years. 

Message to MedSpa: Shame on you guys for not taking care of your customers and attempting to back paddle out of your agreements. I wish I would have recorded your consultation so I can sue your butts in court! 

Message to Prospective Clients: RECORD YOUR CONSULTATION and ask if you played back the promises they make during the consultation and you don't get your "guaranteed results" what would be the next steps? I guarantee they won't take you on as a client because they can't and won't follow through with their fake promises. Like I said earlier RUN! Don't trust this place!

  • Judy B.
  • Arlington, TX

I had previously given Sona Med Spa an excellent review. Initially I thought they were wonderful. My opinion has changed drastically. Do not use these facilities unless you want to be sold a treatment that is totally inappropriate for you costing thousands of dollars with minimal results. Do not sign on the dotted line before you take time (at home) to think about the cost. Do your research before you commit. Shame on the Christian Radio station that promotes this business.

  • Joette B.
  • Austin, TX

Very bad customer service. Once I complained I never saw the same attendant, whom I loved again.  The girl that sold me my services was very misleading, what I thought I was I was getting was not??? After two appointments for laser hair removal on my face, I know I got the  upper lip, duh???? The 3rd appointment after my compalaint, no upper lip you did not pay for that!!! After all sessions they said I paid for but unlimited until completed???? Not complete!!! Never will be...they lie to sell.....I still have black chin hair after all that BS they sold!!! Don't waste your time with these people!!!! New manager tried to address my complaints, once in the office I asked for her and she was not convenient!!!

  • Denise V.
  • The Colony, TX

Management is very poor.  I  suggest you go somewhere else.


  • Kristie C.
  • Gunter, TX

I am so glad to have access to the reviews!  Thanks for all the truthful ones, which are obvious.  I refuse to waste any of my money on this place.  The owner sounds like a money hungry shark.   Without, at least, "good" customer service, this business will be out of business very soon.


  • Stephanie R.
  • Celina, TX

I received my 5th photofacial which have progressively been getting more painful. I have been so swollen for two days that I had my boss ask me if I got botox and an acquaintance at gym ask me if I had an impacted tooth removed. I look like a chipmunk.  I cannot get the manager to call me back, only a nurse? who acts completely unconcerned like I am wasting their time. This is 2 days after tx. wont do it again!


  • Robin Z.
  • Argyle, TX

I would never recommend this place to anyone going for weight loss.  It is over priced hype!  I felt pressured into singing a contract and using the CareCredit to make payments.  I loved the diet tech who was precious, but their managers could care less except for their commission 'if they get commission'.   I wasn't seeing any success with the weight loss supplements and injections and I stopped going.  I asked for part of my money back and they REFUSED.  Then, when my husband lost his job and I explaned this to the manager SHE REFUSED TO REFUND AGAIN.  Who does this when someone is out of work? Sona that's who.  

One day I was in the waiting room listening  to the manager speak ever so rudely to her staff and she was loud and obnoxious.  I told my diet girl that is a person that is not trustworthy.

I will write a letter to the owner of this place and see if I get any results with a refund because my husband is out of work.  If this does not work I will probably take legal action and that is sad that they have no compassion or understanding!


  • Kelly L.
  • Dallas, TX

I went here a month ago and they use a very weak treatment to keep you coming back. The treatment was very ineffective. I would recommend going to a real "dermotologist" The people are very nasty there and think they are real doctors. They even had lab coats on which was laughable. The first treatment was ineffective and they would not refund the other treatments I paid for and did not use. I never will go back. Chelsea one of technicians is super rude too, steer clear.

  • Lisa K.
  • Dallas, TX

I had lipo dissolve treatments here by two different "PAs" who aren't there any longer.  The treatments weren't done correctly, admittedly by the nurse practitioner, and I am now possibly disfigured permanently. That's making a long story short and to the point.  They don't care, that's my tough luck.  Or, as the owner said, "there's always risks."  Don't give them the time of day, you'll be better off.  I wish I hadn't.

  • Jennifer M.
  • Stephenville, TX

DO NOT go to Sona Med Spa in Grapevine!!! I have wasted 2 years and lots of $$$ on their laser hair removal. I paid for a package of 5 sessions in 2006 and 8 sessions later I have not seen the results I was promised, not to mention the fact that they decided to charge me twice as much as they told me they would for the additional sessions. The manager was not apologetic about the fact that I had been lied to, in fact she was rude and defensive while she played the whole "bait and switch" on me. I feel like I have been totally screwed over by Sona Med Spa and if ever decide to do laser hair removal again, I will not use them and will make sure to tell anyone considering using them to go elsewhere.

By the response to the other review about the numbing cream, I wasn't told about it until after my first two sessions.

  • Dawn D.
  • Little Elm, TX

As another above stated do not for any reason do the weight loss plan
at Sona. I love them for Botox but the weight loss deal was a joke. 
Sweet girls but lots of employee change and if lucky you get an
appt to get a B12 shot. Sadly disappointed.